City Neon was founded by Earl C. “Bud” Atkins. Bud graduated in 1948 from University High School and went to Coyne Electrical School in Chicago, Illinois for a four month electrical training class. He worked for Clarksburg Neon. He started branching out in Morgantown and Pennsylvania and in 1952, he bought a part of Clarksburg Neon’s business. His first shop was in a small building on Clay Street and eventually he built at the foot of Monongalia Blvd in Star City.

In 1963, he officially incorporated “City Neon”. In 1964, Bud purchased property across from Gentile Glass in Star City and built the sign shop. He expanded from sign work to include pump and tank work and then invested in cranes. Bud and his sons started a sister company called “City Crane.” Bud also began purchasing and developing property. Most notably, he purchased property at the Westover exit and put in the Wesmon Plaza that currently leases to Big Lots and many other businesses. All the commercial building in the plaza as well as some adjoining properties were built by Bud and his construction crew.

Currently City Neon is operated by his daughter, Carol Atkins and his two grandsons, Chris and Nick Atkins. Chris has continued to expand City Neon with the construction of a 30,000 sq ft facility at Chaplin Business Park. City Neon continues to provide sign fabrication, installation, and maintenance to both local and national businesses. The construction crew builds commercial and residential buildings. We also offer many commercial rentals. Both businesses continue to grow and hope to always operate with the pride and integrity that Bud always maintained.

Non-Illuminated Signs are signs that are not lit from within. Pin mount letters or vinyl decals are the most common types of non-illuminated signage. Today many clients find foam formed signs to be a unique way to achieve a 3-dimensional sign that stands out but is not built with a standard illuminated sign cabinet.